How To Properly Test & Scale Your Facebook Ads

It’s been almost a year or two since I wrote a blog post so that’s going to show.

Anyway, in this post I’ll share a really simple system I used to test and scale my ads.


This exact strategy got me almost 600% ROI in about 72 hours.

I was selling my selfhosted email server setup service which costs around $97 per sale but with upsells it’s close to around $297 so technically the ROI is close to a 1000% which is kinda cool if you ask me 🙂

Plus I didn’t spend much on testing.


I went with a Website Conversion campaign optimised for View Content instead of Purchase (I personally got better results this way).

I used to come up with better ad design ideas, this helped me get close to 2% CTR on the ads.

Then I created a total of 5 ad sets and 9 ads within each ad set.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out.

This is something I learned from Travis Patel, he calls it the 1 : 5 : 9 method.

Basically 1 campaign, 5 ad sets and 9 ads in each ad set.

No you don’t have to create 5 unique ad sets and 45 (5 x 9) unique ads .

All 5 ad sets I created were exactly the same. Optimised for View Content, $5/day.

I created 3 ads with unique designs and duplicated each twice so basically I have 9 ads now. Then I duplicated the set ad-set 4 more times so I have 5 adsets in total with each containing the same 9 ads.

Hopefully that makes sense?

So that’s 1 campaign, 5 adsets, 9 ads in each adset.

If you go with 1 adset and 1 ad you are betting on luck but if you spread it out you have better chance of finding a winner.

I was willing to spend a $50 on testing so that gave me 2 days to run ads.

In those 2 days some adsets and ad designs were performing better than others, i got 6 leads and 2 sales. One worth $97 and another worth $197 so I disabled the adsets and ads that weren’t giving me results which meant facebook will automatically distribute more to the ads that actually bought it the leads and sales.

Now to scale up the winning adsets what I did was double the budget every 24 hours.

So basically I ended up with 2 adsets with $5/day budget that are performing better than others so I disabled the rest and bumped up the budget of each to $10.

I kept bumping the ad budget * 2 every day until I was spending $20/day on each ad set.

Now I spend $40/day and receive around 5 – 6 applications per day with at-least 2 closing so that’s $40 in and $200 out every day.

Facebook Ads is a lot of fun if you have the right product or service to sell.

Make sure the amount you spend on testing isn’t more than your profit margin. i.e, if the price or commission of your product or service is $100 do not spend more than that on testing. Switch up your ad targeting and designs and try again.

If you are feeling lazy then instead of 5 adsets you can go with 3, do not stick with 1 campaign, 1 adset and 1 ad because that leaves it more to luck.

And I think it’s only fair I leave a link to Travis’s facebook group, it’s focused on eCommerce but you can apply the ad strategies in any business 🙂

Also, if you have never created a Facebook conversion ad before feel free to check out this blogpost

In my case, instead of optimising for leads I went with View Content because that’s what worked best for me.

I’d also recommend checking out this Reddit post

Listen, every business and every target audience is different. Some people swear by optimising for Purchases but I’ve spent over a $50 with zero sales meanwhile I got insanely awesome results by optimising for “View Content”.

You need to test and find something that works for your target audience.

Like I said, it’s been a year or more since I wrote a blog post so yeah 😀

Test it out and let me know how it goes for you.

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