How To Quickly Rank YouTube Videos For Keywords That Drive Passive Traffic And Sales


Man, writers block is real. I’ve been pondering on a good intro for the last 30 minutes. Hopefully it gets easier as I blog more often :).


Hope you are having a great day.


Today I wanted to show you a neat little strategy  I’ve been using (and that’ve been keeping to myself) to rank YouTube videos and generate passive traffic leads and sales.


So one time effort, no need to keep tweaking or changing stuff around, keeps getting you traffic and leads like clockwork.


Sounds good?




Here’s the thing, ranking for keywords like “how to rank on google” is hard, and maintaining your position over there is even harder. You’ll need to put in consistent amount of work to stay on top.


So what do I recommend? More specific Long tail keywords. Not only are they more targeted and easier to rank for, they need less “maintenance”.  You won’t need to keep building a whole lot of backlinks because there is much less competition 🙂




Step 1 – Find Long Tail Keywords That Are

Easy To Rank For


Method 1 : Let me give you an example. Back in the days I used to promote this product called IllusionMage on ClickBank (I stopped promoting it when I found out it’s basically a rebranded version of a free software). But the basic functionality of the software was creating 3d animations and stuff.


So instead of going for the brand name “IllusionMage” I’ll go for something a little more long…


…maybe for example “easiest 3d animation software”

or “easy to use 3d animation software”


Want more?


Method 2 :


rank youtube videos


Enter your generic keyword, scroll down to the bottom and check the “Searches related to” section.


Google is your best friend when it comes to long tail keywords. Add random words like “with”,”without”,”for” and you’ll get tons of keyword suggestions.


Reuse them to find even more one’s. For example, it’ll be hard for me to rank for “how to rank a website” but it’ll be easier to rank for “how to rank a website without backlinks” –


When searching for long tail keywords you need to get the root keyword and work your way up, like for IllusionMage, 3d animation software is the generic root keyword – that’s what it is – that’s where we will start looking for more and more keywords.


Ask yourself, what will people search for to find a product like it?


This way you’ll find keywords with low competition but with way more consistent, targeted traffic :).


With the backlinking strategy we will be using I’ll recommend going for low – medium competition keywords. Long Tail Keywords with around 100 – 1000 monthly searches.


Getting search data is pretty easy, just enter the keywords into Google’s keyword tool, Keyword Planner and you’re done.


Once you have a list of keywords, it’s time for step 2.


Step 2 – Check Keyword Competition


Let me show you the easiest way to do that without using premium tools and services.


Method 1 – Go install MozBar –


Now Google your keywords and check the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the sites. If the DA is less than 30, it means that keyword is relatively easy to rank for.


Method 2 – Check if pages are optimised.


Go through the google search results and see if the pages are actually optimised for the keyword i.e, if the websites ranking for them have the exact keyword in title, url or description – if they don’t then the page is probably ranking because of domain authority – these are easy to rank for


Here, the pages underlined red has the exact keyword “rank without backlinks” in title – but only one have our keyword “how to rank without backlinks” –


The sites marked in green doesn’t have any keywords in title or description so I’d say this keyword is comparatively easy to rank for.


Method 3 – Check Web 2.0 Presence 


Check if the first 3 pages of the google search results have free blogging sites like YouTube,, Free article sites etc. (Hubpages, EzineArticles etc.) – if there are, then it’s an easy keyword to rank for with proper video optimization.


Once you find a good with good search traffic and relatively low competition, let’s move to step 3.


Step 3 – Creating A SEO Optimized YouTube Video That Sticks To Page 1


Okay, to be honest, finding the right keyword is like 50% of the work. If it has too much competition it’ll be hard to rank for and if it has not enough search volume then it’s not worth ranking for.


Once you find a winning keyword everything else is a breeze.


Make a video. Anything. The most basic is a powerpoint presentation with voice over, or a video reviewing the product etc. You can either use the video directly to sell the product or you can send them to your blog/website where they can get more information about it.


When making your video, make sure that you have the exact match keyword in title. If I wanted to rank for “How To Rank Without Backlinks” then my video title would be something like


“Want To Know How To Rank Without Backlinks? Here’s How”


The title is important because that’s what makes people click. The more people click on your videos in the search results, the higher the rankings will be. Click Through Rate is a factor when it comes to ranking in 2019.


Okay once you come up with a cool title make sure you add at-least 3 tags in the YouTube video surrounding your main keyword


Make the description around 250 – 300 words long. Sprinkle in your main keyword around 3 times – we need to keep keyword density natural.


In this scenario I’ll start off with something “Hey, would you like to know how to rank without backlinks? It’s actually easier than you think it is…”


The video should be a minimum of 1 minute long. Recommended length is 3 – 5 minutes.


So recap

  • One minute+ video
  • Exact keyword in title
  • Keyword in tags
  • Keyword 3 times in a 250 – 300 word description


Step 4 – Building Backlinks & Pushing It To Page 1


Now that you have your video ready and optimised, it’s time to build some backlinks.


I’ve extracted around 100 High PR Auto Approve blogs for you, these posts aren’t spammed to death either so all you have to do is spent a few minutes leaving comments on them and then use a bulk pinger like  to ping them.


Click Here To Access The List Of Blogs To Comment On


Make sure the website url you give is the youtube video url.


I’ve spent quite some time and resources to gather those blogs but hey, it’s a welcome back gift for you 🙂


And yes, you can reuse these blogs for every new video you make without any issues 🙂 – that’s why I have scraped them for you – so you have an unfair advantage over your competition.


Usually it’ll take you a long time to find these urls because they high authority and also autoapprove 🙂 – Enjoy.


Don’t forget to ping the blog url once you leave a comment, this will help search engines index the link to your YouTube video.


Making this post took an awfully lot of time than I’d like to admit, but hope it gets easier as I blog more often 🙂


If you enjoyed this, feel free to leave a comment and let me know 🙂



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