Commission Hosts Review - Done For You Plug-n-Play System That Made Them


This is a complete Done-For-You package that includes a complete review blog, content etc.

Comes with a 1-Click Auto Installer that takes care of everything for you. Plug, Play, Profit.

The best part about promoting hosting services is that most of them pay you every single month, month after month.


All the blogs are specifically designed to promote web hosting services alone.

While there are only 20 “done for you” websites, that should be more than enough to get you started.

While 70% of the web hosting services they recommend promoting are almost instant approval, the reset will need you to submit a request to get approved (which can take about 12 to 72 hours)

Verdict - Easy Recurring Monthly Income With NO Extra Effort.


CommissionHost has everything you need to start pulling in 3 to 4 figures ($500 t $1,000+) in monthly recurring commissions with almost 99% of the work done for you. Just upload and activate.


Hope you are doing well today, this is Sam and today I’m taking a look at a product called “Commission Hosts” from Ankur Shukla.

Commission Hosts is a complete “DONE FOR YOU” suite of review sites promoting high converting, easy to sell web hosting services.

Now, why would you want to promote web hosting services? 

Good question. Easy Recurring Income. Once someone signs up to a hosting service under you and stays subscribed for a month or two they are likely to stick for at least a year. 

That means you’ll keep getting paid recurring commissions for almost a year or even way more. 

But the hard part to promoting these services is having to set up a review website, writing quality content etc. which is something Commission Hosts takes care of.

Here’s a demo video on how easy it is to use this software…

Plus getting access to over 20 review assets for just $19 means you’ll be paying less than $1 per review which is insane.

So if you want some quick recurring commissions, then I highly recommend hitting the button below and picking up a copy of Commission Hosts.

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