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Increase Your Open Rates & Unlock The
Full Potential Of Your List, TODAY!

  • One Click List Import

  • No Monthly Fees

  • Low One Time Payment

If you are on this page, chances are that you are...

  • Getting pathetic deliverability and open rates from your email campaigns

  • Getting your emails delayed, queued and sent out late

  • Tired of seeing your promotional emails landing in SPAM.

  • After paying hundreds of dollars every single month in autoresponder fees


Why, you ask?

For one, their deliverability and open rates suck. Thousands of people use these services including spammers/people with low list hygine etc. which affects the reputation of the services IP. Since most of these provide SHARED IP, chances are you are sending your emails through blocked, blacklisted IP's which means low deliverability and open rates.

In other words, you are paying the price for other peoples mistakes/doings.

Two, they aren't reliable anymore. More and more of these popular autoresponders are getting hit or DDOS'ed everyday so the servers are going down from time to time. That means your emails will get queued, delayed and sent out late.

Three, Restrictions. Most autoresponders don't allow you to import lists without double optin. Many of them don't even allow ROLE-BASED emails like which many times are legit addresses and that means you are just leaving money on the table.

And finally, the monthly fees. They charge you based on how big your list is or how many emails you send per month. That means, the bigger the list the more you pay. You could very well be spending about $1,000 a year on autoresponders if your list size is as small as 10,000.

SOLUTION : Going Self-Hosted

  • Zero import restrictions

  • No monthly fees

  • Fresh dedicated IP's to mail from

  • Better deliverability and open rates

But here is the thing, going self-hosted ain't easy. 

Especially if you have no tech skills.

If you go wrong somewhere, it can end up being your worst nightmare and honestly, a ton of things can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing.

There is a big learning curve.

But not anymore 🙂

Let Me Set You Up A Fully Configured Ready To Use
Self Hosted Autoresponder

On Your Server Within The Next 24 Hours...

1. 100% Done For You Setup

It doesn't matter if you don't even know how to register a domain, I will help you get everything up step by step.

All you have to tell me is the email address and domain you want to use and I will take care of the rest 🙂

2. No 3rd Party's - You Use Your Own SMTP

You will have your own fully configured, authenticated SMTP server which means you won't have to use any 3rd party smtp's like SendGrid, MailGun etc.

You can even use this SMTP for transcational emails if you want to. You won't even be charged any extra for emails you send through your hosting server.

3. Unique Dedicated IP

You get a unique DEDICATED IP to send your emails form. No more sending emails from a pool of shared ip addresses.

This IP address dedicated for your exclusive use. Only your mail is sent via this IP and this means that any deliverability problems that arise only impact you and are a direct result of your practices.

4. Better Reliability And Deliverability

A well built self hosted setup is much more reliable then most big name autoresponders out there.

Chances of your emails getting blocked, delayed or bounced are little to none.

5. Fully Configured & Authenticated

We MAKE SURE that you get a PERFECT 10/10 on which means we will have everything in place including proper SPF, DKIM, SenderID, DMarc and rDNS.

Most of the "big name" autoresponders don't even allow server side authentication.

6. Higher Opens And Clicks

With a dedicated IP, proper server side configuration and authentication, chances are you will get better opens and clicks compared to mainstream autoresponders.

7. Cloud Hosted Mailer

We MAKE SURE that you get a PERFECT 10/10 on which means we will have everything in place including proper SPF, DKIM, SenderID, DMarc and rDNS.

Most of the "big name" autoresponders don't even allow server side authentication.

8. No Monthly Fees

No matter how big your list is or how many emails you send per month, you won't have to pay a single extra cent.

One of the biggest benifits of going self hosted is saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in autoresponder fees.

9. Unlimited Everything

Create unlimited lists, segments or follow ups, collect or important unlimited subscribers, send unlimited emails...

You own the thing so there are literally zero limits.

10. Import Old Lists And Subscribers

You can easily import your old list or subscribers without double optin confirmation.

You can easily import your old list or subscribers without double optin confirmation.

11. Fast Sending

Unlike most of the self hosted plugins or senders out there, our mailer is pretty fast thanks to multi threaded sending.

Once you click SEND, you are done. You don't even need to keep the page open since it works on the cloud.

12. Send Transcational Emails

While you can create, collect and send emails using the powerful online interface, you can use the properly configured SMTP with anything you want including WordPress membership plugins and send transactional emails absolutely free.

Engagement with Transactional emails are pretty high which will also positively affect your marketing emails if they are sent from the same server and email which you can do with my setup.

13. Blacklist Monitor and Support

Before we start the setup, I will be putting your domain through multiple screenings to see if you are on any blacklists. If you aren't, we will proceed with the setup but if you are, I will advice you to use another domain.

Now if down the line you face low open rates or high bounces, simply hit me up and I will take a look at what's going on, see if you are on any blacklists and request removal.

If you are on a blacklist that can't be removed, then I will help you switch the IP so that you can easily bypass the backlist.

Note - I have been using my own setup for over 3 months now and haven't gotten on a single blacklist yet. My IP reputation is still at 99/100

14. New VPS With First Month FREE

OPTIONAL - In case you don't have a proper VPS in place, as a DigitalOcean Affiliate I have setup a special deal with them where you get your first month of VPS hosting absolutely free.

After one month it's $10/Month but once you move all your websites over there then it's like free lifetime emails. Doesn't matter if you send 100,000 a month or close to a million, you don't pay a penny for the emails you send.

Within just 24 hours of using this exact setup,
I was getting results like these...

Almost 40% Open Rates

Almost 30% From Another List

These Emails Get Inboxed Without A Sweat

My email open rates went from 4-5% to almost 20%.


I was only missing out on about 80% of my list compared to the 96% before.

I was getting more opens, more clicks and making MORE money from the SAME LIST.

I wasn't paying any extra money either, i set it up using my own smtp server so I wasn't paying a SINGLE EXTRA CENT other than my monthly hosting fees.

Using This Is Just Like Using Any Other Autoresponder

At This Point You Should Realize That As Long As You AREN'T On A Solid Self Hosted Email Setup...

  • You Are Paying OUTRAGIOUS Monthly Fees With NOTHING To Show For It

  • You Aren't Exploiting The Full Potential Of Your Lists

  • You Are Simply Leaving Money On The Table

Still Have Questions?

See if these answers them but if they don't, feel free to reach out via live chat 🙂

1. Why is the price so low?

I already finished the figuring out part so I can get one completely set up with very minimal work because I now exactly what to do :). But the price will rise after the first couple of orders.

3. Is self hosted more reliabile than a BIG NAME autoresponder?

Anyday. A properly set up self hosted email system on a good server like LiquidWeb is much much more reliable than any AR’s i have ever used. This is the exact setup I use in my business right now and it works 🙂

5. How fast is the sending speed?

The sending speed is pretty good when compared to most self hosted plugins out there. Our mailer supports multi threaded sending which means you can mail a 2k list in about 30 seconds. That’s around 25,000 emails in under 5 minutes 🙂

2. What will be the turnaround time?

Depends on the orders in queue but it is typically under 24 hours. I will give you a proper conformation on this via live chat or when I contact you.

4. What all do I need?

If you don’t already have a domain or hosting, that’s cool. I will get you setup on LiquidWeb with a brand new domain without any hassle. If you have both, we can continue using it. But ff you already have a domain and just need a good VPS, I would recommend LiquidWeb because of their deliverability and customer support.

6. Why is this better than other self hosted plugins or apps?

While other self hosted setups require you to use 3rd party SMTP’s which charge per email (like MailGun costs me $150/mo to send just 300k emails) I configure your own server SMTP which means there are no additional costs no matter how many emails you send.