If You Can Copy & Paste, You Can Make This Work For You.

Here's Exactly How We Get Paid $97 Over & Over Again Without A List, Website OR Doing Any Of The Work

…And Without Spending A Penny On Ads.

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$12.91 One Time Payment. Price Goes Up In…


100% Newbie Friendly


Absolutely Zero Setup Costs


No Website Required


No Traffic Generation Needed


Guaranteed To Work
(Or Your Money Back)


Get Started In Minutes...

Picture This...

1. You Wake Up

2. You Spend A Few Minutes Sending 10 To 20 Messages

3. You Have Multiple
Clients Waiting To Pay You $97 EACH By The End Of The Day

We Did EXACTLY That For The Last 30 Days...

...and here's exactly how it went...

WITHOUT Wasting Time On Website Creation OR Traffic Generation

...all thanks to this one simple app...



A Brand New 100% Cloud Based Software That

Extracts High Paying Leads Right From Inside Facebook

...And Lets You Easily Pull In $100+ Per Day With Just A Few Minutes Of Work

Here's Exactly How It Works...

Step 1

You Enter A
City & Niche

Step 2

Click Extract

Step 3

Copy, Paste
And Send

Step 4

Getting Paid

Step 5

Deliver The

We Can't Legally Give You Our Buyers List

But Our App Generates What Is The NEXT - BEST - THING...

An Unlimited Supply Of High Quality Leads

"GREAT, I Have Unlimited Leads
But How Do I Make Money With Them???"

That's Where Our 5 Module Module IN-DEPTH Training Comes Into Play...
Inside The Training, You Are Going To Discover

And Easily Get Paid $97 PER CLIENT

There Is Literally NO ONE Selling This To Them Right Now.
And The Best Part? You Won’t Have To Do Any Of The Work.
You Can Outsource It On Fiverr For Less Than $20 Bucks.

Not Just That... You Are Also Going To Discover...

Does It Get Any Easier Than This?

…a fresh list of active business leads right from Facebook in
just a few clicks.

Copy, Paste & Send our proven contact script to 10 or 20 a day or more as you wish.


Get paid $97 per client without doing any of the work.

"But I Hate Cold Calling And Meeting People In Person"

That's perfect because you don't have to. I've closed well over 20 American businesses in the last 30 days sitting in my room here in India WITHOUT picking up the phone even once. All by just sending 10 messages a day.

Here Are Just A Couple Of Businesses
We Have Closed Over The Last Few Months...


And YES, This Works With Any City In ANY Country

(And if you aren’t sure about which country and city to target, hey, i have you covered.
Inside the training you are going learn exactly how to pick one that is super profitable)

And I’m So Sure This Will Work For You That If You Don’t Close Atleast 1 Client In The Next 30 Days, I WIll Refund 100% Of Your Money Back – NO QUESTIONS ASKED –

But There's A Catch...

There always is one, isn’t there? But this one is simple.

We don’t want a lot of people getting their hands on this which is why we’ll be increasing the price at any time.

Plus, once we hit our members limit we will close this down for good.

So Here's Exactly What I Want
You To Do Right Now...

Price Goes Up In…
Still On The Fence? Here's An Extremely Time-Sensitive Bonus

IF YOU PICK UP A COPY OF PAGEDPROFITSAPP TODAY, You WILL Also Get Instant Access To My High Ticket Upselling System This Is Exactly How We Convert These $100 Clients Into $1,000 Clients Without Much Effort.

(Hint - we use the initial service as a step in the door to higher ticket services to them)

Secure Your Copy Before The Price Goes Up...
Price Goes Up In…
...and we'll see you on the other side 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions.

Got questions? See if these answers them, if they don’t, feel free to reach out to us via live-chat.

How many pages can I extract with the app?

We've designed PagedProfitsApp to extract hundreds
of pages per hour.

Do we need proxies or captcha?

No, our app works 100% in compliance with the Facebook API. So there is no need for any other “work arounds”.

Is there a monthly fee?

Not at the moment but as soon as the 5 day launch period ends we'll be switching to monthly

Are there any upsells?

Yes, we do have two upsells but they are completely optional and not at all required to make this work for you. Everything you need to start making $100/day is covered in this purchase.

Will it work on my computer?

PagedProfitsApp is 100% Cloud-Based. That means it’ll work on any operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux And Ubuntu.

Can I get a refund?

You have a full 30 days to try our system out. If you don’t close atleast one client then we’ll refund 100% of your money back. No questions asked. All you have to do is email us at

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