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Looking for an online promotion company or an online promotion agency? Your search ends here. We are the best online promotion company in Kerala.

Why We Are The Best Online Promotion Company Or Online Promotion Agency You Can Hire. Here's Why...

  • Closed-Door SEO Digital Marketing.

    We only accept one or two clients per month and will not be working with more than 10 clients at a time. This ensures that we’ll be able to focus on quality over quantity.

  • No Competition

    We won’t work with more than one client in the same industry, which is just bad business practice.

  • Monthly Updates

    You will get a monthly report of everything we did for your website along with a beautiful ranking report that shows exactly where your web pages are on Google.

  • Value For Money

    We are extremely passionate about what we do that even though we are a closed door service we do not overcharge. We have extremely affordable SEO packages.

We Provide The Only Closed Door Online Website Promotion Service

While most online promotion company in Kerala or most online promotion agency in kerala bulk accepts clients, we only accept on a case-to-case basis and that too not more than 1 client a month.

This way we'll be able to deliver quality online promotion.

And honestly, we'd rather have 10 super happy, satisfied clients rather than a 100 happy clients.

As An Online Promotion Company Or Online Promotion Agency, Here Are All The Services We Provide

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We'll help you rank your website in the top of Google Maps by providing local seo services.

It's crucial to have your business show up in the top 3 when someone searches for the services you provide.


As a SEO digital marketing company it's important for us to make sure our clients rank not only locally but also organically and globally.

This gets you and your business more exposure.

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3. Digital Marketing Services

We'll do social media ad campaigns and send leads directly to your email address. You'll have a consistent flow of steady leads to your business.

What Exactly Is Website Promotion?

Online promotion basically means promoting or recommending your website online as much as possible, wherever possible. We are experts in that.

What Do We Do As An Online Promotion Company ?

As an online promotion agency, we find out every single aspect of your business we can promote online.

From Facebook ads to Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing, we'll set up a solid plan and follow it to the letter.

We'll be optimising your website properly for target keywords, making sure there are no broken links etc. then we invest time in getting other websites to link to you.

Adding upwords of about 50 to 100 links a month depending on the site age and keyword competition.

We can also set up Facebook Lead Ad campaigns and get you high quality leads delivered straight to your inbox. (Facebook promotion)

Do You Really Need To Hire An Online Promotion Company Or An Online Promotion Agency?

Platforms like Google have made it possible to reach your audience one person at a time, based on whatever they are searching.

You WILL find customers that are already prepared to buy. You’ll find people interested in your brand, or your industry. This is why you need to hire an online promotion company.

This is the modern version of the billboard. Results will vary, but keep a close eye on your ROI. If the ads aren’t working, then maybe a “billboard” isn’t right for your business.

The modern Internet ads do have important distinctions from billboards, and one of them is focus.

Imagine a car full of people, on their phones, driving past your billboard. They miss the billboard, but see Facebookads for products related to their most recent Google and Amazon searches.

Which is more effective?

You don’t have money to waste showing ads to people who will never want your product, Adsense and Facebook allow you to focus on specific audiences so you get your ads right where you want them.

Online promotion agency like us make this happen :).

Our Motto As An Online Promotion Company

If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. That's basically our motto. We are constantly in search of what works and what doesn't to help businesses rank faster, smarter and better.

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for billboards all over the country was once thought to be an effective advertising method, but there’s a problem.

It’s not effective. It’s not trackable. And there is no way, at the end of the day, to judge your return on investment.

Marketers used to burn up cash to slap a billboard up that might never be seen by a single member of their target audience.

The same reference could be made about SEO. What good is 100,000 page views if none of them has the slightest interest in your service, products or brand? Sometimes having the best keywords isn’t the best tactic. Like ways to make money online.

They need to be targeted and precise.  They need to be placed right in the hands of your customers, ignoring everyone else. That's what we,  at Clicks2Sales strive for. That's what makes us the best digital marketing company or the best seo company.