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Looking for a local SEO agency or the best SEO agency in Kerala? Your search ends here. We are the best when it comes to SEO.

Why Hire A Local SEO Agency Or The Best SEO Agency In Kerala?

Jumping right into it, we need to have a thorough look over your website from the perspective of anybody but, well… you.

For starters, pretend that you are a user or visitor of your site…

 What does the navigation look like?

 Would you want to stay on this page?

 Is there plenty of meaningful information linked that wets your appetite for information?  Or are you simply looking at another business page?

If there isn’t anything of high value to your customers, then they aren’t going to stick around, and they aren’t likely to convert.

 If your site is a product page, do you have a short, useful blurb about each product paired with a picture?

 Is it easy to understand how to order products?

 Does it look like Amazon, or like Bob’s Bicycles?

Everything should be super easy. A four-year-old should be able to navigate your website on a touch screen. There shouldn’t be anything that is even slightly confusing. If there is, make a note of it.

 What kind of behind the scenes site architecture are you using?

 Are your pages well laid out and structured properly, or are individual pages buried in folder after folder?

We optimise everything. This is why you need to hire the best seo agency in kerala, which is us.

Why Are We The Best Local SEO Agency In Kerala?

  • Closed-Door SEO Digital Marketing.

    We only accept one or two clients per month and will not be working with more than 10 clients at a time. This ensures that we’ll be able to focus on quality over quantity.

  • No Competition

    We won’t work with more than one client in the same industry, which is just bad business practice.

  • Monthly Updates

    You will get a monthly report of everything we did for your website along with a beautiful ranking report that shows exactly where your web pages are on Google.

  • Value For Money

    We are extremely passionate about what we do that even though we are a closed door service we do not overcharge. We have extremely affordable SEO packages.

We Are The Only Local SEO Agency In Kerala To Provide Closed Door SEO Service

The thing is, most local seo agency in kerala accepts every client they can get. They focus on quantity over quality. We on the other hand are extremely picky about the companies we work with and we do not accept any more than 1 new company a month.

This way we'll be able to deliver quality seo services.

And honestly, we'd rather have 10 super happy, satisfied clients rather than a 100 happy clients.

Here Are The Services, We, As A Local SEO Agency Provide.

local seo agency

1. Local SEO Services

We'll help you rank your website in the top of Google Maps by providing local seo services.

It's crucial to have your business show up in the top 3 when someone searches for the services you provide.


As a SEO digital marketing company it's important for us to make sure our clients rank not only locally but also organically and globally.

This gets you and your business more exposure.

best seo agency in kerala
seo agency

We'll do social media ad campaigns and send leads directly to your email address. You'll have a consistent flow of steady leads to your business.

What Does A Local SEO Agency Do?

First off, we'll find out keywords that are worth ranking for for your business. These are usually keywords with lots of buyer intent. Then we'll analyse your website and make sure it is optimised for the said keywords.

If it isn't, we will rewrite and rearrange the content to make sure everything is 100% optimised. Then we will focus on off-page seo, i.e quality backlinks pointing to your website.

Each backlink is like a vote or a recommendation and we use our own strategies to get them.

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Backlinks are essential.

Especially if your company is web-based. You need redirects from everywhere leading to your site, and you need links going to other sites.

We'll engage on social media, in forums, on reddit, in the comment section of news sites, everywhere.

Leave comments on blogs. And every time, leave a little signature calling card to a product or post on your site that does the job better.

Put external links directly into our signature on forum posts, and select forums that are specific and centered on your niche.  If you think about it: it’s free advertising, and generally a fun way to help people while earning their trust.

Make the front page of Reddit with a cute video starring one of your products, and your brand will soar to new heights.

In this marketplace, you need to stay engaged, and you need to stay dynamic at all times.  Complacency is not an option here.

We keep up with every new social platform as it hits the market, and explore ways that you can use it to promote your brand.

Our Motto As The Best SEO Agency In Kerala

If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. That's basically our motto. We are constantly in search of what works and what doesn't to help businesses rank faster, smarter and better.

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for billboards all over the country was once thought to be an effective advertising method, but there’s a problem.

It’s not effective. It’s not trackable. And there is no way, at the end of the day, to judge your return on investment.

Marketers used to burn up cash to slap a billboard up that might never be seen by a single member of their target audience.

The same reference could be made about SEO. What good is 100,000 page views if none of them has the slightest interest in your service, products or brand? Sometimes having the best keywords isn’t the best tactic. Like ways to make money online.

They need to be targeted and precise.  They need to be placed right in the hands of your customers, ignoring everyone else. That's what we,  at Clicks2Sales strive for. That's what makes us the best local seo agency in kerala.